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We provide pragmatic professional support to ensure compliance with legislative requirements

Until recently, Steve Alcock was a sole trader working under the “SA Compliance Solutions” banner, but the volume of commissions eventually made this simple business model difficult to sustain. In order to develop the business further, a new corporate structure has been adopted, together with a new name. Bellington Compliance Ltd has taken the baton passed forward by SA Compliance Solutions.

Steve and his Wife, Janet founded the new business. Their primary aim is to help you ensure that your business “family” can go home safely every day. Building on the success of the last eight years, they will continue to provide advice and support to all business types for compliance with health and safety legislation, together with legal and practical guidance for operators of road haulage, passenger transport and the academic community operating school buses.

Prior to departing along the successful road of self-employment, Steve was on another journey from Apprentice to Fleet Engineer via a number of organisations in both the Public and Private sectors; finally developing his skills as a management consultant with a FTSE listed international engineering business.

Success and the founding of Bellington Compliance has been derived by understanding clients’ businesses and providing guidance and pragmatic solutions to problems that enhance and do not hinder their functionality. This has worked for many businesses to date, it can also work for you.

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Steve has a message for all businesses and particularly operators of goods and passenger vehicles. Get Compliant! Conducting business safely makes you an employer and supplier of choice and a good neighbour. For Steve however, it’s more than that, it’s personal.

Steve’s father John died aged 41 in 1971, three years before The Health & Safety at Work Act received Royal Assent. At 11 years old, Steve was without a father, and his 40 year old mother was a widow. John had struggled for eight years to recover from life changing injuries sustained following an explosion at work.

When studying to become a Safety Practitioner Steve experienced a “Damascene moment” when he realised that had the 1974 safety legislation been introduced earlier, his father may not have died prematurely. He has worked passionately since, to try to ensure that no one else suffers because of poor safety management at work.

Steve has heard all the reasons for not giving safety management the due diligence that it requires, and frankly, none of them stand scrutiny

It’s too expensive

“It’s too expensive not to comply! Any business that is found to be in material breach of health & safety law must pay for the Health & Safety Executive HSE Enforcement Officers to investigate and help to put things right. This is called a Fee for Intervention and is currently £129 / hour. A typical four day investigation would be invoiced at over £4000. If you’re then prosecuted, the fine structure now available to courts is eye watering – turnover, not profit is used to calculate an appropriate fine following a successful prosecution. When all that’s completed, the civil claims for damages will begin to arrive”

We won’t get inspected

“So said all of the organisations that found an Enforcement Officer standing at their door.   A random roadside check of a vehicle can quickly develop into an Operating Centre audit, and then a Public Inquiry where the Traffic Commissioner may withdraw your Operating Licence. Equally, an employee or public complaint to the HSE can result in an investigation and temporary closure of any offending business”

It’s all red tape

“That ‘red tape’ has resulted in an 85% reduction in harm to employees since the introduction of The Health & Safety at Work Act. I’d say that ‘red tape’ performing so well is ‘red tape’ worth having”

It’s all EU law forced upon us

“The UK has ‘exported’ our risk evaluated legislation format around the globe. The EU has taken 30+ years to catch up with legislation that’s as effective as UK law.”

I don’t have time

“This is where Bellington Compliance can help you enormously. We can provide the temporary resources necessary for your business, get you up to speed with any compliance issues and step away again until you require our support again. All organisations must function safely, transport operators in particular have signed a legally binding pledge to the Traffic Commissioners’ Office that you’ll abide by all of the rules of operation. Good safety management will assist with staff retention, ease recruitment, provide a positive working environment and heighten the likelihood of business success.”

John died too early because of inadequate safety management.

Steve is working to ensure that nobody else is harmed whilst at work, thereby helping to avoid a repeat of the misery endured by his own family. “I owe it to my folks” he often says. Contact Bellington Compliance to join the growing number of socially responsible organisations which are already emulating Steve’s goals and striving to ensure that they will never be called to a Coroner’s Court to explain ‘what went wrong’.

Guarantee that everybody can go home safely today

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Steve’s engineering background is complemented by Janet’s extensive knowledge of biomedical sciences.

30+ year multi hospital career with the NHS was crowned by the executive position of Chief Biomedical Scientist at Kings College Hospital. During her time with the NHS Janet introduced or updated a host of Quality Controls, Safe Systems of Work and Safety Policies.

Your own GP may know Janet. She lectured to many trainee doctors on environmental and food microbiology as well as supporting the Public Health Laboratory Service with her specialist knowledge. Family choices necessitated Janet leaving the NHS, since when she has continued to use her vast knowledge supporting a variety of clients particularly in the food and drink sectors. We work with you to understand your business objectives to ensure that our guidance works with your aims, and doesn’t derail your business.

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